The organic certified warehouse of Euroavis is located in Krakow, Poland on the basis of Raben Logistics. We work with consumers all over the European Union. Raben Logistics will ensure the prompt delivery of the ordered goods by certified transport.


The history of the company «AVIS»

The company "AVIS" was founded in 1991 in Vinnytsia (Ukraine). The picturesque boundless fields, pure land and air inspired us to work in agriculture and processing of agricultural products. Over the years, we have built four different processing plants: from powerful plant for processing of oil crops to the regional plant for production of traditional Ukrainian high-quality mayonnaise.
In 2014 we opened a new chapter of our history – we started manufacture of organic products.
In 2016 "AVIS" celebrated its 25th anniversary and today it is a modern competitive company.


Main export directions of the company work

  • Manufacture and sale of high-oleic sunflower oil;
  • Long-term contracts with farms, supply of seeds for them, that ensures consistent quality and control of raw materials;
  • Production of organic and "traditional products" accordingly order and conclusion of futures contracts with partners;
  • Production of high-oleic sunflower oil from customer-supplied raw materials (incl. organic);
  • Complex servicing for our partners:
  • Planning and determination of the amount of raw materials for growing, depending on the quantity of products required by our partners;
  • Production planning;
  • Planning and terms of delivery on the principle «just in time»;
  • Purchase of organic raw materials (sunflower seeds).


Direct cooperation and establishment of long-term relations with partners are of great importance for us.


Main principles of our activity

  • We support agricultural development in Ukraine, increase the processing capacities and manufacture of food products, including organic ones;
  • We offer high-quality products to our customers in accordance with international standards;
  • We know what is important for our partners, that is why we supply raw materials of the required quality always observing the terms and not giving unrealistic promises or numbers. We supply high-quality products at reasonable prices and can provide reliable supplies;
  • We contribute to the development of the organic market of Ukraine;
  • We provide traceability of our products;
  • We use only natural methods of sunflower pressing without any operation of chemical substance extraction;
  • We have implemented integrated international quality management and food safety systems and passed strict audits.


The whole product assortment can be shipped both in bulk and in different packs (PET-bottles, flexi-tanks, bag-in-boxes, drums, cans and new IBC containers, jerrycans etc.).


Modern production in the family business

Mobile: +48 57 58 57 591

Phone / Fax: +300 00-800-00